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Terms and conditions of access of ÜDrive.

This site is operated by Multiauto Rent, a Multiauto SGPS, S.A. company located at Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa, nº 29 D, 1800-255 Lisbon.

1. Intellectual propriety

The company is the exclusive holder of the intellectual propriety of all the items and contents of this site. These items and contents can not be copied or reproduced unless it is strictly necessary to preview on line. On this basis, printing complete pages of the site is permitted if it is used for personal reasons. Having in mind what was said, the company, may occasionally give you the opportunity to download pictures and other utilities of the site. Those downloads are covered by the terms and conditions of download of company.

2. Links to the site

If you wish to add a link to the site, this must be done with company written authorization. Any attempt of changing or loading information, as well as any other action that may cause damage or jeopardize the site's integrity and its contents, are strictly forbidden and can be punished under the law.

3. Accuracy of information

The content of the site is due to general information, to communicate the products and services commercialized 
ÜDrive. The information is not necessarily extended, complete or accurate. Besides the effort of updating the contents and correcting eventual mistakes, the company cannot guarantee that inaccurate or outdated information can be detected, mainly due to human error, technical error, attempt of fraud or ongoing updates. The company doesn't take responsibility for unexpected results or for injury, property or personal damage that may appear directly or indirectly from the access and /or the use of information from this site.

The information of this site is for 
ÜDrive European clients, so it cannot be applied in other jurisdictions. 

The company will make the effort to assure that the contents of this site are updated and accurate. Meanwhile, the company has the right to alter, any time and with no restrictions, the specifications of the product.

The company doesn't guarantee that the statements,the quality of the products,technical specifications and general information contained in this site are loyal and true, and doesn't assume any liability resulting from the usage of the services and contents available  for the users of this site. The company, can not be held responsible for any eventual damages resulting from trust that any person may make, the quality of the products, technical specifications and other general information contained in this site, nor for the non verification of an expected result. Besides what has been said, the company disclaims liability, in the most extended terms permmited by law, for damages of any nature whatsoever, resulting from access and usage of this site.