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Portugal is situated in southwestern europe, on the Iberian Peninsula and is europe's most western country. It's bordered by the Atlantic ocean to the west and south and by spain to the north and east. The beautiful Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are also part of Portugal.

Portugal is an old country, full of charm and history, with its medieval castles and its scattered coastlines and amazing flower-covered hillsides, Portugal offers a uniquely variety and exciting range of landscapes and cultures. Algarve's wonderful sunny white-sand beaches, the peaceful and restful Alentejo or the idillyc sceneries of the North and Center, are also wonderful ways of savoring the country's traditions and friendly people.

From the ancient university town of Coimbra to Lord Byron's favourite Portuguese haunt, Sintra, Portugal is a country full of enchanted places where you can either rest at the sound of the see or walk trough misterious places and discover the country's beauty.

Portugal has a very rich and authentic gastronomy and has been one of the most pleasant surprises for tourist visiting the country and exploring the tastes and aromas of this rich and authentic gastronomy. With a vast coastline, seafood plays a major part in Portuguese cuisine and the quality of the seafod and freshly caught grilled fish is unique.

Besides the amazing landscapes, culture and food, Portugal beaches are top priority for many travelers. With two of its four sides flanked by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal offers 800 kilometers of breathtaking coastline, amazing beaches and coastlines so expansive that one can find different climates around the country.

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